EXPERT REACTION: How reliable is a review suggesting Hydroxychloroquine works for early COVID-19?

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Systematic review: This type of study is a structured approach to reviewing all the evidence to answer a specific question. It can include a meta-analysis which is a statistical method of combining the data from multiple studies to get an overall result.

People: This is a study based on research using people.

A systematic review suggests that Hydroxychloroquine is effective against COVID-19 when used early in the outpatient setting, however, an Australian expert says the results of this review are not trustworthy

Journal/conference: New Microbes and New Infections

Link to research (DOI): 10.1016/j.nmni.2020.100776

Organisation/s: Bond University, Illinois Sportsmedicine and Orthopaedic Center, USA

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Professor Paul Glasziou is Professor of Evidence-Based Practice at Bond University and the Director of the Institute for Evidence Based Healthcare.

The results of this review are not trustworthy, as it used the weak methods to find, select and combine studies; and their main conclusions are based mostly on non-randomized trials.  The reviews methods of analysis give the same weight to the RECOVERY trial – with 4,686 patient randomized – and the Paccoud study – with 89 patients and no randomization.  

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