How to use Scimex

For experts

Are you a researcher who realises the importance of sharing your research with a wide audience? Or perhaps you'd like to build a public profile through media work – did you know mainstream media coverage actually results in more citations too?  Maybe you've seen your field of science misrepresented or badly reported in the news. If you want to help improve the situation by getting actively involved in media work, Scimex is here to help.

Scimex is an online hub that allows experts to communicate directly with the media.

  • You can register to join the Scimex Find an Expert database to connect directly with journalists
  • Upload your images and video to the multimedia hub
  • Get your organisation to upload your upcoming media releases and research to our Newsfeed, and we'll alert reporters via email.
  • If you have already registered, log in to Scimex above

Any questions? Contact the Scimex team.

For additional information on media work, check out our Working with the Media page.

Scimex services

Join our 'Find an Expert' database of media-savvy experts

Our 'Find an Expert' database helps put you in touch with journalists to ensure your voice is heard when your subject hits the headlines. As a registered expert you can specify what types of media you're comfortable with. After all, live TV isn't everyone's cup of tea.

You can upload video clips and your Twitter feed to your profile page, allowing you to showcase your communication skills to registered journalists.

Only registered journalists will be able to see your contact details.

Register for the Scimex 'Find an Expert' database here.

Multimedia Hub

Scimex contains a searchable library of images and videos that journalists can use with their stories. As a registered expert on Scimex you can add your own items to the library if you are comfortable offering your work under a Creative Commons licence.

When uploading your material you can choose between three licensing options:

Users of your material must credit you in all cases. Note: Creative Commons licenses cannot be revoked.

Promote your research

Is your ground-breaking paper being published in a journal in the near future?

The Scimex Newsfeed allows your media team to upload media releases, scientific papers, multimedia content and expert contact details. An email will then alert registered journalists, and all uploaded materials will be available for them to download from the site.

Don't forget it helps to know about scientific papers in advance, rather than after publication. Let us and your media team know about your research as early as you can.

If you don't have a media team, contact us.

Working with your media team

Scimex works collaboratively with institutional media teams wherever possible. Please ask your media team to register with Scimex.

Any questions? Contact the Scimex team.

For a wide variety of additional resources and advice to help you build up your media skills, see our Working with the Media section.

Calendar of events

Any event deemed newsworthy can be added to the Scimex calendar of events for Australia and New Zealand. Registered experts can submit an event for consideration via the event calendar module.