About Scimex

Scimex (the Science Media Exchange) is an online news portal aimed primarily at helping journalists cover science.  The site features a Newsfeed, our Find an Expert database of media-savvy scientists, a multimedia hub and science events calendar.

  • If you're a journalist writing about science, Scimex is here to make your life easier. The website is designed to deliver the top science stories straight to your inbox in a news time frame, and to make it easy for you to access research, experts, events and multimedia.
  • If you're a media officer, Scimex can help you promote stories generated by your researchers. You can upload media releases, scientific papers, newsworthy events and multimedia content to Scimex.
  • If you're a scientist, you can join the Scimex expert database and upload your creative-commons multimedia and any newsworthy events via our events calendar.
  • If you're a member of the public, you can see breaking science stories, including some of the world's biggest scientific discoveries, and the best science from Australia and New Zealand on the Scimex Newsfeed.

What's on Scimex?

  • Scimex contains news content from a wide range of sources, including universities, research institutions, scientific journals and scientific conferences. The site is also a hub for science journalism and communication training.
  • The portal delivers research news directly to the inboxes of registered journalists, enabling them to access research papers, media releases, conference and event details, expert recommendations and multimedia  from the site's password protected area.


How is Scimex funded?

Scimex is a collaboration between the Australian Science Media Centre (AusSMC) and the Science Media Centre of New Zealand (SMCNZ), and was developed through substantial funding from the Australian Government's Inspiring Australia program, with additional support provided by Squiz, the Myer Foundation and supporters of the Australian Science Media Centre.