How to use Scimex

For journalists

Whether you're a rookie reporter struggling to get your head around a scientific story, or a seasoned veteran who just can't find quite the right expert to add colour to your story, Scimex is for you.

  • Scan the Scimex Newsfeed for breaking news and embargoed story leads
  • Receive early alerts to embargoed stories
  • Find everything you need for a story in one convenient place
  • Locate the right expert for your story in our expert database
  • Search our Multimedia Hub for striking images and videos

Journalists who register will receive all Science Media Centre mailouts including SMC Picks (our twice-weekly selection of the top science stories), expert reactions and briefing invitations. Registration unlocks access to embargoed stories, high-resolution multimedia files and contact information not available to the general public.

It's free for journalists to join. Sign up here to get the most out of Scimex or if you are already registered login above. Registration is not automatic. We will check your credentials before giving you access, usually within one business day.

By registering to use Scimex you are agreeing to abide by our embargo policy. Eligibility restrictions also apply.

Any questions? Contact the Science Media Centre.

Scimex services for journalists


The Scimex Newsfeed gives you direct access to the hottest science news from journals, universities and research organisations. Embargoed stories and some contact information is only visible to registered journalists.

Find an expert

Scimex's Find an Expert database allows you to locate and contact media-friendly scientists. Experts can upload video clips to their profile pages, allowing you to see how well they cope when the cameras start rolling. You can also view their Twitter feed and previous media experience, giving you a better feel for their communication skills. The expert's contact details are only visible to registered journalists who are logged into Scimex.

Multimedia Hub

A searchable library of creative commons images and video is now available. This growing hub of multimedia uploaded directly by research organisations and individual experts only contains creative commons material that can be used without permission provided you attribute the work as specified. The high resolution file is only available for download to registered journalists who are logged in.

SMC Picks

SMC Picks alerts journalists to our pick of the most newsworthy embargoed science stories from Australia, New Zealand and around the world, delivered directly to your inbox twice-a-week.

Scimex Daily

You can choose to be alerted to new content via the Scimex Daily auto-email delivered to journalists' mailbox each morning listing all news stories added to the site in the last 24 hours. The email is customised to only include the topic/s and location/s listed on your profile. You can turn this auto-email on and off via your "My Scimex" page at any time.

Media enquiries

Can't find what you're looking for on Scimex? Then give us a call. Full contact details are available here.