About AusSMC

Since opening its doors in 2005, the Australian Science Media Centre (AusSMC) has occupied a critical position on the frontline where science meets the media. By helping journalists improve their science coverage, and scientists and research organisations improve their interactions with the news media, we aim for a better informed Australian society.

The Centre has helped journalists cover some of the biggest stories of the past decade.  We're in regular contact with more than 1,500 reporters around the country, representing the big hitters such as the ABC, News Corp., Nine Entertainment Co, Seven West Media and SBS as well as regional TV and radio and emerging online media outlets. In science, we work with around 5,000 Australian experts, covering everything from the environment to health, from dinosaurs to space.

Over the years, the role the Centre plays in the media cycle has grown dramatically - we now inject expert comment into more than 25,000 news stories each year, and reach - on average - an audience of more than eight million in Australia every month.

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