Scimex is a platform for media and communications officers to showcase their organisations' research and build media presence. Embargoed material can now be uploaded to the site giving opt-in, vetted journalists access before the story goes public. Over 1,500 registered journalists in Australia and New Zealand have access to your material (e.g. media release, paper, images). Further information on using Scimex to draw media attention to your research news story can be found here.

The only service that requires payment on Scimex is for Australian research organisations to submit a news story (e.g. media release, related papers, multimedia etc). Please note that supporters of the AusSMC have Scimex access included in their sponsorship or affiliation.

NZ organisations: New Zealand organisations have a different system and should contact the SMCNZ.

Australian pricing details are below.

Australian research organisations wanting to purchase either a Scimex annual subscription or single release need to:

  1. Register as a media officer (via the register button top right or click here).
  2. Purchase via our payment gateway. The gateway becomes available here after your have filled in the registration form and logged in.

Pricing for Australia

Australian research organisations and their media teams may upload to Scimex via the following options:

Not-for-profit Price (AUD exc. GST) Total Price
Single release $90 $99
Annual subscription* $1200 $1320
Affiliation**Contact the AusSMC Contact the AusSMC

*Annual subscription entitles the user to upload items to the newsfeed for one year from date of joining.

**Affiliation includes Annual Subscription and Scimex Plus, contact the AusSMC for pricing details.

Commercial* Price (exc. GST) Total Price
Single release $180 $198

*PR companies, for-profit organisations

Become an Affiliate

Sponsors and Affiliates of the Australian Science Media Centre (AusSMC) have unlimited access to upload to Scimex plus get access to story analytics, where they can track the media outlets that are viewing their stories. Altmetrics are now also available to Affilliates showing a visual breakdown of an article's digital impact and reach.

Affiliation is a great way for Australian research organisations to engage with the AusSMC and ensure their researchers have the best opportunities to engage with the media.

A raft of media services become available to affiliates of the Centre including customised media training in a range of topics including social media, mainstream media and using video and visuals.

Affiliates also get access to modules on not available to the public including a section on handling contentious science.

To see a list of current supporters, click here. To find out more about becoming an Affiliate, contact the AusSMC.

Journalists and experts

Scimex is free for journalists and experts.