Adding content to the Scimex Multimedia Hub

Are you sitting on a really striking image, video or even audio you think the media would love but are unsure how to get their attention?

Can you imagine a newspaper printing the image or a news website using the video or audio?

Simply upload your content, and let journalists know how to get hold of you.

The searchable multimedia library is now available to all users, and images can be uploaded now.

Please note, copyright images are not permitted in the multimedia library. You must be comfortable offering your work under a Creative Commons licence if you wish to add material to the library. When uploading your material you can choose between three licensing options - no rights reserved (ie waive all rights), free to share or modify or just free to share. Users of your material must credit you in all cases. Note: Creative Commons licenses cannot be revoked.

To upload multimedia, first register with scimex here. If you're already registered, you'll need to login first.