Dr Muneera Bano

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Lecturer (School of Software and Electrical Engineering, Faculty of Science, Engineering and Technology)
Swinburne University of Technology
Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Gender Bias
Artificial Intelligence
Women in STEM
Women in computer science and software engineering
The social and cultural impact of technology
Human-centred technologies
Computer Science
Software Engineering
Software requirements analysis
Requirements engineering
Technology-assisted teaching and learning
scientific communication,
teaching and learning
cultural diversity
gender equality
south Asian women
pashtoon women


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Previous media experience

I have appeared on a live morning show on Pakistan National Television to discuss the issues of female academics and researchers.

I have given a recorded interview for AJ+ on the topic of gender bias and its impact on artificial intelligence.

I worked as Learning and Teaching adjunct at the University of Technology Sydney and was trained for delivering lectures in the studio for video recording to be used by students for online learning.

I have been presenting my research at various international conferences in my field of research around the world.

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Dr Muneera Bano has over a decade of experience in academic teaching, research, supervision, and leadership with demonstrated ability to work both independently and as an integral part of a team. Previously, Muneera worked as a Post-doctoral researcher and ‘Learning and Teaching Adjunct’ at the University of Technology Sydney. She graduated from the University of Technology Sydney in 2015 with a PhD in Software Engineering.

Her research interests include requirements engineering, service orientation, sentiment analysis and evidence-based software engineering. Muneera works at the intersection between computers and humans – looking for ways to engineer technology to work better with the people that use it. Muneera specialises in the field of socio-technical domains of software engineering focusing on human-centred technologies. Her recent research areas include technology-assisted pedagogies for education and social media analysis.

She contributes to the broader research community as Associate Editor of the Institution of Engineering and Technology Software Journal, as Track Chair in International Requirements Engineering, and Australian Software Engineering Conferences; and as a member of the program committee for various highly-ranked conferences including Grace Hopper Conference for Women in Computer Science.

During her research career, Muneera has also received prestigious recognition for her work, including being named as a finalist for Google Australia’s Anita Borg Award for Women in Computer Science, Asia-Pacific 2015. She was also the recipient of Schlumberger’s Award for Women in STEM (2014 and 2015) and was given the ‘distinguished research paper award’ at International Requirements Engineering Conference held in August 2018. She has been announced as Superstar of STEM for 2019-2020 by Science Technology Australia. Superstars of STEM program aims to smash society’s gender assumptions about scientists and increase the public visibility of women in STEM.

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Languages besides English:
Urdu, Pashto
Last updated: 14 Oct 2019