Dr Gresley Wakelin-King

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Honorary Research Fellow (Dept Ecology, Environment, and Evolution)
La Trobe University
consultant geologist (Wakelin Associates)
Wakelin Associates
Melbourne, VIC, Australia


Droughts and flooding rains, dead heart, Simpson Desert, Tirari Desert, Strzelecki Desert, Moomba, Lake Eyre, Lake Eyre Basin, Channel Country, Cooper Creek, Diamantina River, landscape, landscape evolution, drylands rivers, creek, dry creek, desert rivers, desert wetlands, desert landforms, rangelands, floods, Central Australia, gibber plain, Ooodnadatta, Innamincka, Barrier Range, Silverton, Mad Max, western New South Wales, Barrier Range, Optically Stimulated, Luminescence, OSL, land use planning, rangeland assessment, Australian geology, Australian geomorphology.


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1986-present: 27 presentations on research to conferences, workshop, seminars 1990-1993 " Going Green" - for ABC Regional Radio, writing, researching, and broadcasting a radio series (later syndicated to Radio National and Radio Australia) 1990-1994 local radio and TV interviews on behalf of Arid Lands Environment Centre 1986-1994 public lectures on geology and landscapes of Central Australia 1999 scientist and site guide for two NHK-TV (Japan) documentaries on Australian geology 1999 (broadcast 2000) on-camera scientists for part of " Australia: a land of fantastically-shaped rocks” (NHK-TV) 2005 Opinion piece, The Australian Nov 9 " Too Little Known of Inland Bounty&quot

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Gresley is a geologist, and loves seeing the stories of the earth revealed to the eye. Her first job making geological maps in the Northern Territory introduced her to the delights of the arid zone, and her volunteer environmental work taught her about sustainability in rangeland Australia. Gresley’s doctoral research examined landscape processes in one of Australia’s classic desert landscapes: the Barrier Ranges, NSW. Her present research is the rivers of the Lake Eyre Basin. Gresley’s special topics, and their implications - • Process geomorphology: sustainable land management and cost-effective infrastructure development must be based on understanding what forces operate across landscapes. • Drylands rivers: not like “normal” (perennial, temperate-zone) rivers – infrastructure design parameters should understand the difference. • Australian drylands rivers are varied: management decisions must be based on local conditions. • The Channel Country rivers are awesome: not only when the floods come and they act like “normal” rivers, they are special as they operate through the dry. • The Australian rangelands carry the imprint of world-scale change: they are beautiful and full of hidden narrative.

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