Professor Frances Quirk

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Director (New England Institute of Healthcare Research)
The University of New England
Clinical Professor
Deakin University
Barwon Health, Director of Research
Geelong, VIC, Australia


doping in sport, eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia), overweight and obesity, mental health, sexual behaviour, sexual dysfunction (male and female), couple relationships, attraction, asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


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Yes, multiple radio interviews (live and prerecorded), TV interviews (live and prerecorded), newspaper interviews and commentary, public science presentations both general public audience and scientific audience. Prior newspaper weekly columnist

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Professor Frances Quirk, Director of Research at Barwon Health, is a Chartered Health Psychologist (Health Professions Council, UK), behavioural scientist and sexologist. Prof Quirk has worked in both public and private sectors and her research interests and experience fall under behavioural and clinical science but are defined by specific disorders (respiratory disease, sexual dysfunction, eating disorders, mental health) and the concept of performance enhancement (doping in sport and the development of clinical reasoning in medical trainees). Underlying each of these research areas is a commitment to quality of life and well-being for individuals and populations. Prof Quirk has held significant leadership roles within the Higher Education sector and been engaged with a number of professional organisations and advisory groups, including; Queensland Rural and Remote Mental Health Advisory Group, Australian Psychology Accreditation Council, Australasian Centre for Rural and Remote Mental Health and as a professional member of Sports Medicine, Australia.

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Last updated: 14 Sep 2020