Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart

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Professor (Communication and Creative Industries)
Charles Sturt University
Wagga Wagga, NSW, Australia


Arts practice with science, digital storytelling,
creative engagement and experimentation, art and science & technology, visual media and science communication


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Speaker: Eleanor Gates-Stuart, Dominique Sweeney and Robert Lewis: ‘Giving Permission for Lines of Flight: The third space and unlocking student potential through creative industries’, Charles Sturt University, Faculty of Arts and Education, Learning and Teaching Symposium, Australia (2019)

Invited Keynote Speaker: CSU Television Production Summit, Creativtive Adaptibility: Research and Practice (2019)

Invited Speaker, Australian International Animation Festival ‘Constructing Images from Science in Art Practice’ (2019)

Keynote Speaker, Visualisation Matters ‘Beyond the Ordinary: in the mix of science and art’ (2019)

Guest Speaker, Panel: ‘Exptiration: Local Extinction’, ANU Innovations Theatre, Australia (2017)

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Professor Eleanor Gates-Stuart has held a number of educational leadership roles, internationally and nationally, particularly in research relating to the sciences, technology and art. She has worked with major research organisations, museums, education, business and government, including as a National Competitive Grants Program Assessor for the Australian Research Council (ARC). She is the Research and Post-Graduate Convenor for the School of Communication and Creative Industries, Managing Editor of the Fusion Journal, affiliate member of the Graham Centre for Agricultural Innovation, and lead the development of the eXtended Reality Centre (XRC). Her research includes numerous professional associations, collaborating, publishing and presenting papers in the UK, USA, Taiwan & Australia.

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