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Online alcohol delivery linked to heavier drinking during lockdown

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Peer-reviewed: This work was reviewed and scrutinised by relevant independent experts.

Survey: A study based solely on people’s responses to a series of questions.

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Kiwis who purchased booze online during lockdown were linked to much higher odds of heavier drinking (defined as having six or more drinks during one occasion) compared to those who bought their drinks at the supermarket. The findings come from a Facebook survey of more than 2100 Kiwi adults during the April and May lockdown. Additionally, more than half of online shoppers under the age of 25 said they weren’t checked for their age, and half of all respondents said that alcohol was easier to get delivered than fresh food. The research team says the rapid growth of online alcohol delivery, paired with limited regulations, requires attention from public health policymakers.

Journal/conference: Drug and Alcohol Review

Link to research (DOI): 10.1111/dar.13222

Organisation/s: Massey University

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