Vampire Facial: Effective skin treatment or creepy insta-craze?

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It may seem gimmicky, but the ‘Vampire Facial’ – made famous by social media celebs like Kim Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen – could be an effective facial rejuvenation treatment after all, according to a small study by international researchers. The procedure, known as “Platelet-Rich Plasma Injection” involves taking a person’s blood, extracting the plasma and injecting it into their face. Twenty-seven participants had half their face treated, while the other half was injected with regular saline. They were not told which half of their face was treated but did notice an improvement in skin texture on the treated side. The authors note this research did not explicitly explore the safety of this procedure, but say no adverse events were recorded in the study.

Journal/conference: JAMA Dermatology

Organisation/s: Northwestern University, USA

Funder: This study was supported by departmental research funds from the Department of Dermatology, Northwestern University.


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