Self lubricating condoms a slippery success

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When it comes to sex, slipperiness is best, so UK researchers have developed and tested a latex coating for condoms which is self lubricating. The latex coating becomes slippery in the presence of bodily fluid, and didn't wear away even when tested to mimic up to 10 times the thrust rate of typical sex. Of the 33 people they surveyed, most agreed that it would increase their condom usage. The researchers say the coating shows potential to cut friction pain and boost satisfaction and condom use among partners.

Journal/conference: Open Science

DOI: 10.1098/rsos.180291

Organisation/s: Boston University, USA

Funder: This content was financially supported by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (K.B. and D.K.) and the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship program (DGE-1247312, to B.G.C.).

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From: The Royal Society

Friction-lowering Capabilities and Human Subject Preferences for a Hydrophilic Surface Coating on Latex Substrates: Implications for Increasing Condom Usage

Royal Society Open Science

Personal lubricants can increase user satisfaction with male condoms by reducing friction and yielding a slippery sensation. However, lubricants pose disadvantages of dilution in physiologic fluids and sloughing away over repeated articulations. To address these drawbacks, a latex surface modification, which becomes lubricious in the presence of physiologic fluid, has been developed and evaluated.


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