Men also need support after miscarriage

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Pregnancy loss can be an emotionally devastating and isolating experience for men, according to researchers who noticed strong evidence of an impact on women, but limited research in the experience of expectant fathers. Aussie researchers looked at 15 papers exploring men’s experiences with pregnancy attachment and aftermath, partner support and the impact of the loss on future pregnancies. They found that men saw their primary role as that of a supporter to their partners but received limited support themselves. Men also reported their safe, trusting attitudes towards pregnancy had forever changed. There needs to be more research into enhancing the support for men, and hence their partners and families after pregnancy loss, the researchers say.

Journal/conference: ANZJOG

DOI: 10.1111/ajo.13041

Organisation/s: The University of Melbourne, Monash University

Funder: The authors state there is no perceived conflict of interest. The review was conducted without funding and was part of the corresponding author's prerequisite to fulfil the Master of Social Work.


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