What is 'Pitch a story'?

Are you an expert sitting on a fantastic idea for a story or a really striking image or video you think the media would love but are unsure how to get their attention? Simply provide a brief jargon-free outline of the story or upload your images or video with a short informative description, and let journalists know how to get hold of you, and your tale could be tomorrow's news or a weekend feature.

What kind of thing is suitable?

  • Amazing, striking images and video. Can you imagine a newspaper printing the image or a video going viral on social media?
  • Important scientific issues in your field of study which impact the public, but which have flown under the radar.
  • Interesting personal tales from the field or lab.
  • Quirky findings that fly in the face of conventional wisdom.
  • Expert opinion that brings a new angle to a topical issue

What kind of thing is not suitable?

  • Funding announcements, academic lectures, jargon-filled technical information and staff appointments.

For some helpful general tips and guides on how to work with the media, click here.

To pitch a story, you will need to first register as an expert here.

Registered experts can submit a story pitch via the button on the home page right column or click here.