UTS Science in Focus -DNA, the silver bullet for solving crime…or is it?

Venue: Online Australia

Start Date: Wed 8 Jul 2020 Start Time: 1700

End Date: Wed 8 Jul 2020 End Time: 1800

In this Science in Focus talk, Dr Georgina Meakin will discuss the latest research investigating the answer to this question…but be warned, you will not look at forensic science shows in the same way again! She is a Senior Lecturer in the Centre for Forensic Science at the Faculty of Science, University of Technology Sydney. As part of her role, she researches the transfer and persistence of DNA and other trace evidence, with a particular focus on the indirect transfer of DNA and how this affects the interpretation of DNA evidence in criminal casework.

Website: https://www.uts.edu.au/about/faculty-science/partners-and-community/uts-science-focus/events/uts-science-focus

Topic: Society / Lifestyle; Other Science

Public ContactName Lynn Hutchinson
Email science@uts.edu.au