Soapbox Science Sydney Online 2020

Venue: Online Sydney, NSW, Australia

Start Date: Mon 17 Aug 2020 Start Time: 1900

End Date: Thu 20 Aug 2020 End Time: 2145

Come learn from, question, probe, interact with and be inspired by some of Australia's leading female researchers in Science, Technology, Engineering & Math’s.


Over 4 nights (17th-20th August 2020, 7pm-9:45pm) Soapbox Science Sydney Online presents 12 researchers, each having 45 minutes to amaze you with their latest discoveries and to answer the questions you have been burning to ask. We want these events to be as interactive as possible so there are multiple opportunities to ask questions.


The more questions the better!


Some of our topics include ‘Training your immune system to work smarter, not harder’, ‘Preschoolers views on IT’, ‘Coral matchmaking for resilient reefs’ & ‘Pill testing: why it’s important!’.


The fun of this event is that it is open to EVERYONE! So tune in with your friends, family, kids or colleagues and enjoy a whirlwind tour of amazing Australian research.


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Monday night live stream - 17th August

7pm - 7:45pm - Lara Glass

"On the Road to Curing Schizophrenia"


8pm - 8:45pm - Nisharnthi Duggan

"How spiders and flies could help us treat stroke!"


9pm - 9:45pm - Dr Natalie Matosin

"Studying the brains of the dead to understand what goes wrong in mental illness"



Tuesday night live stream - 18th August

7pm - 7:45pm - Hannah Law

"Training our immune system to work harder and not smarter"


8pm - 8:45pm - Dr Jody Morgan

"What's in a pill? How pill testing works and why it's important"


9pm - 9:45pm - Dr Melinda Waterman

"BryoFight Club: how mosses can live in Antarctica"



Wednesday night live stream - 19th August

7pm - 7:45pm - Utkarshaa Varshney

"Solar Cells: It's all about the toppings"


8pm - 8:45pm - Dr Siobhan Bradley

"Solar energy: photon pokemon, gotta catch 'em all!"


9pm - 9:45pm - Dr Holly Tootell

"Preschoolers views on technology design: thinking like a child"



Thursday night live stream - 20th August

7pm - 7:45pm - Dr Jennifer Matthews

"Coral matchmaking for a resilient reef"


8pm - 8:45pm - Associate Professor Michelle Harvey

"Kings of slime & grime: why maggots are our new best friends"


9pm - 9:45pm - Julianna Kadar

"Fitbits for sharks: how do we study sharks in the ocean?'


all sessions are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

Organisation: University of Technology Sydney (UTS)


Topic: Health / Medical; Environment / Climate / Energy; Society / Lifestyle; Tech / Engineering / Space

Public ContactName Soapbox Science Sydney