New deep-sea delights discovered in marine parks south of Tasmania

Venue: CSIRO Marine Laboratories, 3-4 Castray Esplanade, Battery Point Hobart, TAS, TAS, Australia

Start Date: Wed 19 Dec 2018 Start Time: 1100

New areas of deep-sea coral reef and more than 100 unnamed species  – including corals, lobsters and molluscs– have been discovered on undersea mountains in marine parks south of Tasmania.

Scientists and park managers returned to Hobart today after a four-week survey of the seamounts on CSIRO research vessel Investigator led by CSIRO.

The unusual cluster of more than 100 seamounts is world-renowned for its deep-sea corals and diverse marine life.

For the first time, new technologies enabled scientists to look at rocky habitats between the seamounts that support deep-sea corals, in particular the main reef-building stony coral, Solenosmilia variabilis.

Interview opportunities:

Dr Alan Williams, Voyage Chief Scientist, CSIRO

Prof Nic Bax, Director, NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub

Jason Mundy, Assistant Secretary (Marine Protected Areas), Parks Australia

Organisation: NESP Marine Biodiversity Hub


Topic: Environment / Climate / Energy

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