How DO you build a quantum computer?

Venue: UTS Faculty of Engineering and IT Building 11 Level 6 Room 408 Sydney, Australia

Start Date: Fri 9 Nov 2018 Start Time: 1130

End Date: Fri 9 Nov 2018 End Time: 1330

Quantum computers promise a new paradigm in scientific investigation and technology, with a wide variety of potential applications.

Though the field is now 20 years old, we still do not have a large scale quantum computing device. What is it that makes these things so hard to build?

Why are they so hard to characterise and, if that is so, how will we know we have built one?

Dr Chris Ferrie, Senior Lecturer at the UTS Centre for Quantum Software and Information, will show how machine learning might provide some answers to these questions.

Organisation: University of Technology Sydney (UTS)


Topic: Tech / Engineering / Space; Other Science