Harnessing Light for a Healthcare Revolution

Venue: Online NSW, Australia

Start Date: Wed 21 Oct 2020 Start Time: 0800

End Date: Wed 21 Oct 2020 End Time: 0900

Distinguished Professor Dayong Jin is at the forefront of the fight against cancer and other diseases through his work on imaging and analytical devices. These devices use photonics technologies to analyse saliva, urine or blood to identify early signs of disease and toxins.

Recently, Dayong has worked to develop the rapid COVID-19 spike-protein tests that allow virus detection from asymptomatic patients. These tests deliver quick results at a reduced cost.

This technology builds upon his 'Super Dots', a new family of nanophotonic probes which can up-convert infrared photons into intense visible light at the nanoscale. Several fascinating properties have subsequently been discovered to allow high-throughput bio-discoveries, data storage and high security-level anti-counterfeiting applications, setting records for the tracking of single-molecule transport, super-resolution microscopy, nanoscale thermometry and recently, optical tweezers.

Join Distinguished Professor Dayong Jin as he showcases analytical and biomedical applications and outlines how the latest findings and innovations in nanotechnology can revolutionise the detection and treatment of disease.

go to https://www.chiefscientist.nsw.gov.au/events/nsw-science-and-research-breakfast-seminar-series and click on the live-stream link for Dayong’s seminar. This link will be made live shortly before the seminar commences.

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